Workplace Wellness Packages

Are you looking to bring more focus and creativity into the halls of your agency?

Would you like help improving your employee's overall well-being and reducing their stress levels? 

I can help you create a better work environment for your staff, using a combination of acupuncture and wellness education. 

Hire me to bring acupuncture and wellness counseling to your workspace.

Acupuncture Happy Hour (actual running time may vary):

An acupuncture happy hour is an easy way to both manage stress in the workplace and introduce employees to acupuncture.  It's an opportunity for employees to speak with a licensed acupuncturist on how traditional Chinese medicine can help their condition.

During the happy hour interested employees will receive an auricular (ear) acupuncture treatment, a guided breathing exercise, and tips on techniques to manage stress.  Unattended stress is a leading cause of chronic disease that includes, among others, obesity, diabetes and heart disease in addition to low immunity, digestive upset, poor sleep, headaches, skin issues, low energy and body pain.  Depending on the goals and objectives of the employer, size of staff and on site space the event can be held daily, weekly, or monthly.  The frequency of the acupuncture happy hours is something that would be discussed during negotiations between  Kirsten Tempel/ NYC Healing Acupuncture and the employer. 

Contact me today to see if my Workplace Wellness packages are a right fit for you and your employees.