Kirsten was a pleasure to work with.  As a New Yorker, I was surprised that she wanted to sit down and really get to know me beyond the initial evaluation.  We always started each session with a quick chat and relevant discussion about nutrition prior to any treatment.  I really appreciated how much she cared, in addition to the treatments themselves.  I came in for help through my chemo schedule, and I can honestly say the treatments got easier when done after acupuncture.  Kirsten was great and earned my recommendation.       -Tyler R., Age 38, New York

I’m scared of needles and thought acupuncture was going to hurt, it doesn’t! Kirsten made me feel at ease right away and her treatments are very relaxing.  I am a much calmer person now as a result of going to her for treatments.   – Catherine W., Age 24, New York

For years I had taken antibiotics. As a result my digestion was horrible.  Through acupuncture and herbs Kirsten gave me my energy back and my digestion completely normalized, no more feeling bloated! As a result of her treatments I now feel better than I have in years.  I was depressed for a really long time and after several treatments I felt like I got my life back.  I am grateful for Kirsten and her healing gift. – Melissa R., Age 50, Connecticut

My anxiety affects my sleep the most as I would wake up in the middle of the night for hours and never felt rested.  Kirsten changed all of that.  I now sleep through the night and have more energy than I can remember ever having before.  Through acupuncture with Kirsten and the herbs she prescribed I now feel in control of my emotions. – Joan L., Age 43, Connecticut

I had a chronic shoulder injury for years that always caused me pain.  I am amazed that in just five acupuncture treatments with Kirsten I am now pain free. – Mark F., Age 57, New York