Prior to your visit:

Please eat a little snack/meal about 1-2 hours prior to your treatment so that your stomach is not too empty or too full.  

Please abstain from vigorous exercise, overexertion, drugs or alcohol on the day of your treatment. 

Please wear comfortable and loose clothing.

Bring a list of medications you are currently taking.

 Please do not brush your tongue on the morning of your treatment.

During your visit:

Be prepared to discuss all aspects of your health. It is important to get an overview of your physical and mental well-being in order to properly diagnosis your present condition. I will use other diagnostic tools including observing your tongue and taking your pulse. This will help me assess your constitutional pattern and create the most effective treatment plan that is customized just for you.

According to my diagnosis of your condition, specific acupuncture points will be chosen to rebalance your body. The needles are hair thin, sterile and disposable. Usually, the patient feels little or no discomfort. Most patients feel pleasantly relaxed during this time. Needles will be retained on average for about 20 to 40 minutes (while you are resting in the exam room) depending upon the diagnosis.

After your treatment I will discuss your wellness plan. If you are interested, I will provide a customized herbal medicine option for you when appropriate. In addition, I will make nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on your constitutional diagnosis.

After your visit:

·       Please try to rest. Patients often feel relaxed after the treatment.      

·       Please try to avoid any vigorous activities immediately afterwards.  

·       Drink plenty of water.    

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email to or by phone (917-690-1180) if you have any questions or concerns after your treatment.